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Charleston Wedding Photography: Hampton & Fran

I had the privilege of assisting Aly at Wild Cotton Photography with Hampton and Fran’s wedding in Savannah last weekend.  From the venue (Fran’s parent’s home) to the dress to the decorations and perfect weather – it was all so beautiful!  I loved that Fran’s dog Sully was just hanging out with us all day.  While wearing his blue bow tie, of course 🙂


Charleston Wedding Photography

I had the privilege of assisting Kelsey (Kelsey Farnham Photography, Greenville) with a wedding she photographed here in Charleston.  Jacob and Savannah were the sweetest people you’ll ever meet!  I got to hang out with the guys while Kelsey spent time with the girls.  They definitely kept me entertained!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Thursday 🙂

Mandy’s Bridal Portraits

I’ve been patiently holding on to these bridal portraits of my friend Mandy until now!  She and Matt got engaged in February and married last night!  Now I can share these images of my beautiful friend with you!

Mandy and I took a mini road trip to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins in Beaufort County one evening.  The most challenging part of the whole adventure was getting her wedding dress on outside of my car while I held up a sheet to block her from the SCDOT’s view.  The hour and a half trip and fire ant bites were worth it to get these gorgeous images!