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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Weston Family

I loved running around Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston with these lovely ladies!  It was a joy to watch this family interact with one another.  You can feel the love they have for one another through these images!


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Charleston Photo Session: Vo Family

A couple of things to note about this family session, besides how cute these little ladies are…
First, Mom MADE the girls’ dresses, her outfit and Dad’s bowtie!  (A pattern with Rainbow Row on it so naturally that’s where we started our session)
Second, the oldest two girls wrote a song that the girls sang for me in unison and it melted my heart right there on the spot!

“Violet, Scarlett, Coral, Sage; 
We are sisters, that won’t change.
Friends will come and friends will go.
We’re best friends, we always know.”

Right?? How sweet is that?!


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Charleston Photo Session: Linthicum Family

That little guy right there is a fighter! I did Luke’s newborn shoot back in October.  He was born about 10 weeks early and is doing so well!  It’s always extra special to see families like this months later for family sessions!


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Mini Session 2016 Highlights

‘Tis the season for Christmas card photos!  I had such a great day working with old clients and meeting new ones for my 2016 mini shoots this fall.  Here are some highlights from the sessions.  Enjoy!
Last photos of the day didn’t end on a high note 🙂

Petrino Family

Love this family!  Two years ago they were strangers.  Fast forward to now and I’ve worked with them six times for birthday shoots, a maternity and newborn session!  It’s always fun seeing them again and catching up on life.  The fact that Roman hams it up is also quite entertaining.  Except when he sticks his fingers up Adair’s nose :)petrinonov2016-1petrinonov2016-2petrinonov2016-3petrinonov2016-4petrinonov2016-5petrinonov2016-6petrinonov2016-7petrinonov2016-8petrinonov2016-9petrinonov2016-10petrinonov2016-11petrinonov2016-12petrinonov2016-13petrinonov2016-14petrinonov2016-15