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Thailand 2019

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I don’t even know where to start.  I just returned from a two week long trip to Thailand with three friends.  This trip has been on my list for a few years now and I’m so thankful that I was able to go.  Here is my attempt to summarize our trip!

Anne and I met Kristina in the Chicago airport.  Let the 21 hours of travel begin!

We arrived in Bangkok around 9:30pm on February 10th.  My best friend, Annette, was already at the hotel in Bangkok and I was dying to get there as soon as I could so I could hug her!

We were in Bangkok for one full day.  We INTENDED on taking a taxi to the Grand Palace then pick up a boat tour to begin our adventures but the gentleman driving the cab decided to bring us to a different part of town and put us on a different boat tour.  We got Bangkoked!  Thankfully things aren’t very expensive so if you make a mistake it doesn’t cost much.

We still enjoyed the boat tour we ended up on and ended at the Grand Palace so all in all not a huge mistake.
Feeding the fish for good luck
Bangkok skylineThailandBlog-9

Got off the boat for our first meal out.  Made a good decision with green curry. Watch out for those chilis!

After lunch we visited the Grand Palace.  It’s a group of buildings in the heart of the city where the King and his government used to live.  You can also view the Emerald Buddha.

First, here are our snazzy tourist outfits we wore as we toured the Grand Palace.  We showed up thinking a scarf would be sufficient to cover our shoulders as it is at most temples.  But they’re strict here and require t-shirts.  How convenient that we could purchase one at the entrance for 200 Baht 🙂  Bangkoked again!  Annette had leggings past her knees and those weren’t good enough either so she got herself some elephant pants.
image1 (1)

The palace was pretty incredible.  Gold mosaics everywhere! But also suuuper crowded!


Traveling by tuk-tuk is a tourist must-do.

Icon Siam Mall
image1 (2)

Dinnertime views!


After two nights in Bangkok – off to Chiang Mai!  Chiang Mai is in the northern part of the country, closer to the mountains.  I really loved this city.  The Thais here were so sweet and hospitable.  We felt so welcomed at our hotel and enjoyed chatting with the locals and our tour guides.

Here’s our first meal, near our hotel.  Unfortunately, Annette can’t do spicy!

One of my highlights was a cooking class where we learned how to make seven different things.  They picked us up at our hotel and brought us first to a market to talk about the different fresh ingredients used in Thai cooking.  Then we were taken to the school where we learned how to cook some delish dishes and eat until we couldn’t eat any more!

Here’s our instructor, Doo.  He was so knowledgeable and hilarious!ThailandBlog-18ThailandBlog-19ThailandBlog-20
Ready to make some Pad Thai!
image2 (1)
I made this Pad Thai!!  So proud of myself, haimage1 (8)
Coconut soup, yum! (And ingredients for papaya salad in the background, yum yum!)
image1 (4)

The next morning we were picked up at our hotel again and traveled about 40 minutes to the Patara Elephant Farm.  We learned about the elephants in their care (there are 67), how they make sure they’re healthy and helped them in their daily tasks of feeding and bathing them.  It was incredible!  Annette and I were paired up with a mama, Manoi, and her baby, Natee.  It was a surreal experience!

Look at her side, she’s pregnant!
image1 (5)image2 (2)image3 (1)image4

We did NOT know this was going to happen….
How beautiful is this lunch?!
image1 (9)

That evening back in Chiang Mai dinner at Dash. I had Pad See Ew 🙂
image2 (5)

Some sights as we walked/shopped around the city…image1 (6)image2 (3)image4 (1)

Lunch the next day at Woo!  This is one of the most beautiful restaurants!  Tons of fresh flowers everywhere and the food was delicious.

Side note: we learned that there is a notoriously stinky fruit in Asia called Durian (mostly by walking through it’s stench on the street).  It cracks me up that establishments will have signs like this on their doors: “No Dogs, No Outside Food & Bev, No Durian!”
image1 (7)image3 (3)image4 (2)
Pineapple fried rice!

The next day we traveled about an hour and a half from Chiang Mai to visit the Doi Inthanon National Park.ThailandBlog-27ThailandBlog-28ThailandBlog-29
We visited the Karen Village where we had a coffee & tea stop.  We ground fresh coffee beans and this sweet woman (and our tour guide!) made us coffee and green tea for Annette and I!
ThailandBlog-30ThailandBlog-31ThailandBlog-32ThailandBlog-33ThailandBlog-34ThailandBlog-35ThailandBlog-36Lunch time!
image3 (4)image4 (3)

Last stop for the day
image3 (5)

Our last morning in Chiang Mai we wandered around the city shopping and exploring and taking a break from the heat for smoothies (we ate mangoes in some form every day).  We returned to a shop we’d already visited because we loved the shop owner so much.  Isn’t he the cutest??
image4 (4)

After five nights we said goodbye to Chiang Mai (and Kristina had to leave us, too) and headed to the beaches!  More specifically, Krabi.  I honestly didn’t take many photos here.  I just enjoyed a few days to relax!  We stayed at the Centara Grand Resort and Villas.


IMG_5041image2 (7)
Okay, I’m still dreaming about this Tim Tam Chocolate Frappe from The Coffee Club.IMG_5059Our resort was only accessible by boat or this monkey trail 🙂  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any monkeys 😦

If eating chips in our bathing suits isn’t the perfect vacation, I don’t know what is.

Back to The Coffee Club again because we loved it so much 🙂  This first pose, “the dolphin,” is inspired by the water aerobics class we did at our hotel with all the old ladies, ha!

Our last full day we spent a few hours on a boat island hopping!  The beaches turned more turquoise as we got away from the main land.  We stopped at four different islands to swim and also did a bit of snorkeling.  So beautiful! image1 (11)IMG_5155


We watched the sunset every night.  Here’s our last one!  image3 (6)IMG_5177

So sad to say goodbye! Had a fabulous vacation with these ladies.  Until the next adventure… 🙂




Charleston Photographer: Vacation Photos Turned Artwork!

I drove downtown today to see the final result of some images that were printed on canvas and are now hanging at 40 Bee Street Flats in downtown Charleston.  I took the photos this summer while on vacation in France and Denmark.  I’m loving the photos printed on canvas from Mpix.com.  Now I need to get one for my apartment….  🙂40BeeSt-140BeeSt-240BeeSt-340BeeSt-440BeeSt-5

Travel Photos: Kobenhavn 2017

Here are photos from my recent trip to Copenhagen to visit my bestie!!!


Annette’s apartment.  Always nice to have a free place to stay in a fun country 🙂

Embrace the way locals do it!  Biking is the best way to see the city.

NyhavnCopey2017-3Copey&Corse2017-14Copey&Corse2017-20Copey&Corse2017-26Escaped the rain for a bit at The Laundromat Cafe for some chai tea and french fries

I didn’t visit Tivoli on my first trip to Copenhagen so this time we went and saw a ballet of Cinderalla with a couple of Annette’s friends.  Loved meeting Katie and Sherina! Tivoli is famous for being the 2nd oldest operating amusement park in the world.Copey2017-1


Wulff & Konstali our first morning for an amazing brunch!  We’re talking salted caramel on waffles people.

Enjoying the sunset after dinner at Paper Island.

On a mission to get truffle fries with rosemary mayo in Torvehallerne

My friend Mandy told me about this food truck, Hija de Sanchez, in Torvehallerne. The chef used to be the pastry Chef at Noma, a famous Danish restaurant located in Copenhagen.  Two out of the three were yum!Copey2017-7

And (surprisingly) loved the avacado ice pop with caramel and freeze dried raspberries!
FullSizeRender (14)

Bikes, bikes, bikes! Copey&Corse2017-95Copey&Corse2017-102Copey&Corse2017-104Copey&Corse2017-110

Annette and her friends, Tabita and Rose, made breakfast each morning which was such a treat!  The morning we returned from Corsica Tabita brought us breakfast – homemade rolls, cheese, pastries, fruit, eggs.  Here’s Annette the next morning making breakfast sandwiches.  I was spoiled!  Breakfasts with these girls was so hyggeligt!Copey2017-26I wanted to bring them all back to the states with me! 🙂Copey2017-28Copey2017-27Annette taking some photos of me doing my thing Copey2017-8Copey2017-12Admiring Amagertorv

We biked around some more (of course) on my last day there.  I saw the International School where Annette teaches, right on the harbor.  We met up with some of her friends (some new to me, some old!) and got some ice cream.Copey2017-29
In the Metro on our way to Höst, a nice restaurant Annette had been waiting to visit!  We made reservations for our last night together.  Friends.  It was seriously the best meal we’d ever had.Copey2017-32Copey2017-33
We ordered the three course meal, but they sneak in 4 extra dishes so we had plenty of delicious bites to try.  This is me in my happy place, ha!

Here was our menu.  Some of it sounds kind of different but it was all perfect.  We also had champagne then white, red and dessert wines.
-Baked Witch flounder with peas, shrimp and roasted chicken skin
-Grilled pork neck from Grambogaard with corn, cherries and pickled Wood ear”
-Rosehip ice cream with red and green strawberriesCopey2017-35

That’s 31 years of friendship right there!  Love this girl to pieces and I soaked up every minute of our time together since we don’t get as much face to face time these days as I’d like.  But we make the most of it when we do.  Cheers to our fun times in Copenhagen!



Pacific Northwest 2016

This month a few friends and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest, starting in San Francisco and making our way through Portland and Seattle then ending in Vancouver.  It was such a great time!


A perfect place to grab breakfast in San Fran, the Ferry Building Marketplace
Huntington Park
Soooo many hilllllsssss
Only on vacation {and if it’s Ghirardelli} will I spend $12 on an ice cream sundae. Worth it!
Alcatraz in the background
Made it to the Golden Gate Bridge!
Mission Beach Cafe a block away from our Airbnb, so delish!
The Full House house! 1709 Broderick Street 🙂
And the painted ladies from the opening credits, yep we completely geeked out!
Graffiti art in San Fran
We happened to be in town to attend the annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair where Jefferson Starship performed.  As you can imagine the people watching was fantastic.
Driving up Highway 1 in California
Stinson Beach, CAPNW_2016_SM-21
Perfect spot for fish tacos on the beach
Elk! In Northern CaliPNW_2016_SM-27
Obligatory tourist photo with a redwood 🙂
Somewhere in Northern Cali…
Aww, new friends 🙂
We had expectations of seeing Crater Lake…until we actually got to the park.  It was snowing so hard we couldn’t see a thing from the lookouts.  Not super disappointing since we still got pretty views of the trees with snow on them.
Our first morning in Portland!  Coffee {tea} date with Jenny at Barista Coffee Shop.
PNW_2016_iPhone-9Portland Rose GardenPNW_2016_SM-40PNW_2016_SM-41PNW_2016_SM-42PNW_2016_SM-43
Portland Japanese Garden
Food Carts in Portland are a must
Ridiculously large book store
Best ice cream at Salt & Straw. I highly recommend the Cinnamon Snickerdoodle.

Onward to Seattle!
Seattle!  The view from Kerry Park

Pike Place Market
Cider tasting at Schilling Cider House, yum!
We kept hearing about some troll under the bridge so we had to check it out…
Kristina found this great breakfast place, Portage Bay Cafe
On a rainy day we checked out the EMP Museum {Experience Music Project} downtown
And somebody got a tattoo in Seattle!

We got some goodies at the Granville Island Public Market then enjoyed them on our balcony with THIS VIEW!
Biking around Stanley Park. Loved it!

Such a great time.  Will definitely be back!