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Charleston, SC Photo Session: White Point Gardens

Here’s the first of my fall mini sessions I did this year!  These brothers are so cute together!  It was fun seeing them all interact – I had lots of dancing and crazy faces happening behind me to make the others smile 🙂 Subscribe to my email list or follow me on Instagram to find out whenever I’m doing mini session!  (Email subscribers find out first!)


Charleston, SC Photo Session: Thomas Family

We got the perfect night at The Battery in downtown Charleston for this photo session!  The littlest of the three littles had been woken up mid-nap for our session (uh-oh!) so she took a hot minute to warm up (resulting in lots of photos of everyone else first and a family photo with her covering her face!)  But after some patience and using my bag of tricks (seriously – a frisbee with a skateboarding hamburger, ha!) we got some smiles!

Thomas_blog-1Thomas_blog-2Thomas_blog-3Thomas_blog-4Thomas_blog-5Thomas_blog-6Thomas_blog-7Thomas_blog-8Nope, not quite ready!Thomas_blog-9Thomas_blog-10Thomas_blog-11Thomas_blog-12Thomas_blog-13Thomas_blog-14
You know what changed the game for this photo session?  This dang frisbee I carry around in my camera bag.  Kiddos think it’s funny that a hot dog is riding a scooter.  I busted this thing out then we turned a corner resulting in lots of smiles from Farrah!

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Collins’ Cake Smash!

Collins is ONE!  And to celebrate we photographed her smashing a cake.  Although “smashing” is a strong word for her.  She was very dainty about it!  Collins was one of my most expressive little newborns and not much has changed!  And that last photo of her in a cake coma…!

Collins-1Collins-2Collins-4Collins-6Collins-7Collins-8Collins-9Collins-10Collins-11Collins-12Collins-13Collins-14Collins-15Collins-16Collins-18Collins-19Collins-20Collins-21Collins-22Collins-23Collins-24Collins-25Collins-26Collins-27Collins-28Collins-29Collins-30Collins-31Collins-32Collins-34Collins-35Collins-36Sugar coma…  🙂Collins-37

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Corey Family

I had a blast hanging out with this fun bunch at White Point Gardens downtown.  They’re from Michigan and were enjoying a tour of South Carolina to celebrate Ashley’s graduation from med school in Spartanburg.  So exciting!  I enjoyed watching their interactions – so much love for one another!


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Charleston Anniversary Photo Session: Daniel & Rebekah

Daniel and Rebekah were in town for a short visit and wanted to take a few photos on their anniversary trip.  Rainbow Row, iron gates, live oaks and window boxes…it doesn’t get much more Charleston than this session!


Charleston Maternity Photo Session: Christopher Family


Family Photo Sessions: Fall Mini Shoot Hightlights!

We had a perfect Sunday evening for my first round of mini sessions!

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