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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Serago Family

The Serago clan has a new member of the family since I’ve seen them last!  I got to meet Alexander for the first time on this early morning session at the Isle of Palms pier.  I love this location and time of the day to get that pretty, glowy, yellow light!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Cowles Family

I’m thankful when early morning sessions force me to get out of bed to enjoy the beautiful beach sunrises!  I can’t think of a better way to start the day.  Arden was not so sure about the strange lady with the camera but by the end of our session we got some sweet smiles!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Rider Family

This family braved some wind and a looming thunderstorm (with some crazy lightning!) to take these family photos of their whole crew on vacation together at Isle of Palms.  Some were dainty about splashing in the waves and others ended up soaked from head to toe!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Stovall Family

A couple of days ago I posted on Instagram that my business, Melissa Griffin Photography, just celebrated it’s 7th year!  I really can’t put into words how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know my clients during that time frame.  These folks below included!

When I started my business that’s what I expected – that photography would be a fun way to meet new people and I would share in their joys of newborn shoots, weddings, family reunions and adoption homecomings.  What I didn’t really think about was how much my heart would be invested in the lives of my families.  I have photographed some families 8, 9, 10 times.  And after doing it for 7 years the hard stuff comes.  I don’t typically write sad posts but this year has been different.  One of my clients passed away in February.  I served the families of the victims of the June 2016 shooting at Emanuel AME Church by photographing the premiere for the Emanual documentary that just released.  The family below was devastated early this year to find out that Mary Mitchell, the little red head on the left, has been diagnosed with MPS3A (Sanfilippo Syndrome).  A rare, incurable genetic disease.  This session was hard.  In these moments I never have the right words but I am reminded why I do what I do.  I’ve had people thank me for giving them memories and that they will cherish the photos forever.  There’s truly nothing more rewarding than that.

On a side note.  The way this family below has responded to the news about Mary Mitchell has been nothing short of amazing.  Not that they don’t have bad, hard days but they are real and their hope is ultimately in God who is sovereign and good and loves Mary Mitchell more than they do.  You can follow their story at the Instagram account @hopeforshug.



Charleston, SC Photo Session: Chung Family

This little guy!  He made me belly laugh through most of our photo session. (I left out the photos of his shorts falling down!)  The Chung family was visiting Charleston from Boston and we visited Pitt Street Bridge and Isle of Palms for our session to mix things up and include some different backgrounds.  At the end of our session Matty melted my heart with, “The next time I see you, when you come to Boston, we’ll take pictures together.  I have a blue camera with yellow buttons, it’s a rectangle!”

When you try to get a shot without the kiddo…Chung-20
Matty snapped this one, notice the angle 🙂

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Isle of Palms

These families gathered on Isle of Palms to celebrate a special 50th wedding anniversary!  (And come on, how cute is this couple!?!)  We took a few “boring” posed photos up on the boardwalk before heading to the beach to play!  Because… you can see how things end up once the kiddos hit the water 🙂


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Ballew Family

Here are images of Connor and Aiden on my FIRST photo session with them at 18 months old.  ❤   The following photos are from our recent on the beach for their 4th birthday! We had a blast jumping, running around, playing in the sand and getting SOAKED.  Is this really my job??
Untitled design



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