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Max is ONE!

This is my first sunrise session.  Keith, Casey and Max met me at 6:30am out at the Isle of Palms pier on a perfect morning to shoot Max’s one year photos.  It feels like I just did his newborn photos!  Time flies.  Max was a little newborn; love his chunky monkey thighs he’s got now 🙂

Kopcsak-1Kopcsak-2Kopcsak-3Kopcsak-4Kopcsak-5Kopcsak-6Kopcsak-7Kopcsak-8Kopcsak-9Kopcsak-10Kopcsak-11 (DESKTOP-SL5A0ME's conflicted copy 2017-08-31)Kopcsak-12Kopcsak-13

Shayn & Kelsey’s Maternity Session


Big Brother Roman

Josh, Laura and Roman will grow from 3 to 4 pretty soon!  We met at the IOP pier to snap a few shots of this family before their sweet girl comes in May.  Can’t wait to see Roman as a big brother :)Petrino_MaternityMini-64Petrino_MaternityMini-65Petrino_MaternityMini-66Petrino_MaternityMini-67Love Roman’s little tippy-toes…Petrino_MaternityMini-91Petrino_MaternityMini-92Petrino_MaternityMini-95Petrino_MaternityMini-105

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Mathesius Family Shoot

At the end of this fun family shoot we said to the kiddos, “Go ahead and get your feet wet!” Famous last words.  You’ll see how that ended 🙂MathesiusFamily-1 MathesiusFamily-2 MathesiusFamily-3
This photo cracks me up!MathesiusFamily-4 MathesiusFamily-5 MathesiusFamily-6 MathesiusFamily-7 MathesiusFamily-8
THIS is how “go ahead and get your feet wet” ended…MathesiusFamily-9