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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Holton Family

Here’s a change of pace for me – all adults who listen to everything I say!  I don’t have to put on a show for smiles and everyone was perfect at following directions 🙂  Jake and Rebecca also had a fun announcement…!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Hove-Mims Family

This family gets extra bonus points for their Christmas spirit!  Even if Alden wasn’t feelin’ the reindeer antlers 🙂


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Long Family

Allison won my birthday mini session contest back in April!  She decided wait until the fall so that sweet Randall would be here for the photos!  We had a perfect evening out at Hampton Park, one of my favorite places to shoot.  How beautiful is that baby??Long-1Long-2Long-3Long-4Long-5Long-6Long-7Long-8

Charleston, SC Photo Session: Toscano Family

I first met the Toscano family in 2015 and have been photographing them each fall since!  I’ve loved watching the interactions between this brother-sister duo, Julian and Marley.  They always crack each other up!  Which I’m thankful for because it results in some awesome pics!


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Charleston Photo Session: Swartz Family

I think it’s official. Hampton Park is my favorite place to shoot.  It was perfect for this family of five.  It gave the girls some fun places to explore and they LOVED climbing on the oak tree branches at the end!  My dear friend Janie got me connected with her sister’s family (and makes an appearance in some of the pics!) and I’m so glad she did!


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Charleston Photo Session: Hall Family

This family was vacationing in Charleston and wanted some photos to remember the trip.  We met at Hampton Park which is one of my favorite places to shoot.  Can you see why?  That morning light is the best!  And I just fell in love with little Eli, can you blame me?? What a heartbreaker!


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Charleston Photo Session: Owen Family

These two little ladies kept me on my toes!  We ran around Hampton Park on a beautiful evening enjoying the sunshine and climbing on oak branches.  There are so many more photos I could show you but I’ll limit it to 20!


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