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Charleston Newborn Photo Session: Grace

I met Thomas and Katie YEARS ago through Seacoast church.  I photographed their engagement photos and now get to take photos of their most precious possession – sweet Grace!  I can’t get enough of that face.  She slept through the majority of the shoot so I just kept on clicking!

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Family Photo Sessions in Winchester, VA

I recently traveled to Virginia to shoot three separate families over a weekend.  I lived in Winchester, VA for four years before moving here to Charleston and these are all taken around that area.  After it rained ALLLL day Friday and Saturday we crammed them all into a Sunday.  Love shooting in different locations to mix it up a little bit!  How beautiful are the dogwood trees in these images??  I was drooling over them all weekend. 🙂

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Charleston Newborn Photo Session: Sullivan

Welcome to the world, Sullivan!  He’s such a handsome little guy.  And so so loved by his family.  Just look at the smiles on everyone’s face!


Charleston Mini Sessions: Spring 2017 Highlights

I have the best clients!  I had such a good reconnecting with people who I had previously worked with.  Here are a few images from each of my families that booked me for spring mini sessions.  The weather was beautiful and the kiddos kept me on my toes all day! Thanks so my friend Sara who helped make smiles happen and carried my stuff 🙂

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Charleston Photo Session: Daniel Family

Enjoyed meeting the Daniel family at Riverfront Park on an overcast day a couple of weeks ago.  Clara and Emma are just the cutest!  The trick that worked like a charm for this session?  Telling Clara, “Don’t smile!  Don’t you do it!”  Got the BEST natural smiles from her that way!  For some kiddos that doesn’t work and they just stare me down and give me the stink eye, ha!  But it’s always worth a shot.


Charleston Photo Session: Mitchell Family

I’ve enjoyed meeting families from out of town who find me online.  The Mitchell family came to Charleston from Raleigh and wanted some photos to remember their visit. They’re a good lookin’ bunch, aren’t they?
How cute is grandpa??

Charleston Photo Family Session: Aly & Clara

Here are some #tbt photos that I took in of Aly and Clara in November but haven’t posted until now because my fall was bonkers 🙂

Aly is one of my dear friends.  We met in 2007 when I first moved to Charleston.  Unfortunately she headed to Nashville 7 months later, but we stayed in touch.  She is a (super talented) wedding photographer and owns her own business, Wild Cotton Photography.  She really helped me and encouraged me as I started my own business.  Seriously, I ask her so many questions and probably get on her last nerve!  I’m so excited that she recently moved back to Charleston!  It’s fun to pick up where we left off and hang out with her and Clara… and I’m looking forward to photographing lots of weddings with her (I second shoot for her a lot!)


Squirrel!!  🙂
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