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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Toscano Family

Here is one sibling team I can count on for some fun photos!  I think every year mom thinks they were so silly how on EARTH did we get any good photos from that session!?!  But here you go!…

One of my favorites?  When I asked Julian to smooch his sister on the cheek resulting in Julian turning away and Marley throwing her head back in laughter.  The smooth never happened but I got a fun photo out of it!

“Julian, give Marley a smooch on the cheek!…”

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Walz Family

I was connected to the Walz family by a mutual friend (Thanks, Katie!) and had such a blast with them at Hampton Park in downtown Charleston!  The little guy started out a little shy.  But that’s okay.  Once dad threw him around a little and we played with some bubbles his true personality came out.  Big brother’s personality showed from the beginning.  No warming up to the photographer time needed for him 🙂

Charleston locals – as I was taking these photos of Evan I heard a voice behind me say, “Those are going to be some great photos!”  I turned around and it was Joe Riley! 🙂  He wasn’t wrong.

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Charleston SC Photo Session: Bearden Family

The Cistern is one of my favorite places to shoot!  I love the colors, trees and it’s usually pretty quiet which means I don’t have to edit out lots of tourists from the background 🙂  I always look forward to the Bearden family’s annual mini session!  Those boys are just too handsome.  (And getting so big!)


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Grzyb Family

I worked with this family for the second time at Smythe Park on Daniel Island.  These kiddos are just the cutest!  Winnie (the pretty little lady in pink) LOVES getting her photo taken and always has her smile ready, I love it!  The littlest needs a bit more convincing but it usually works out okay 🙂


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Bentley Family

Oh my!  Those cheeks!  Those blue eyes!  Charlotte is just a little sweetheart and did so great on our photo session at Palmetto Island County Park!  I am so excited to share these photos with you – they will make you smile for sure!  Side note:  Why is is so dang cute when littles wear jeans??


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Fender Family

I photographed lil Miss Campbell when she was a newborn and we’ve done lots of shoots since then!  Here is a mini session I did with the Fenders at Waterfront Park downtown. Campbell hammed it up for me, I didn’t expect anything less!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: McCullough Family

Here is one of my fall mini sessions!  Emma (the sweet little love in red) rocked it!  I’ve been photographing them for years now and always look forward to seeing these kiddos grow!  Sign up for my email list to be the first to find out about when I’m doing mini sessions in the spring and fall.


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