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Charleston, SC Photo Session: LaFay Family

My childhood bestie came to visit me in Charleston and brought her family this time!  Maddie and Charlotte had never seen the ocean.  It was so fun bringing them to the beach for their first time – they loved it!  And more importantly we took them to Chick-fil-a for the first time 😉

LaFaySM-1LaFaySM-2LaFaySM-3LaFaySM-4LaFaySM-5When little sis needs help smiling…LaFaySM-6LaFaySM-14LaFaySM-7LaFaySM-8LaFaySM-9LaFaySM-10LaFaySM-11LaFaySM-12LaFaySM-13

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Koelbl Family

Love this family’s contagious smiles!  Wilson felt the ocean waves on his feet for the first time.  I think he’s a bit uncertain!


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Charleston, SC Newborn Session: Jack



Charleston, SC Photo Session: Argula Family


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Jackson Family

The Jackson family hadn’t taken photos in years and I was honored to take these before McKenzie, their oldest daughter, moved to Austria for the semester to study abroad!

A side note:  Many people think cloudy days aren’t the best for taking photos.  These images show that cloudy days can provide beautiful, filtered light that results in beautiful, smooth skin tones!


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Family Photo Session: Nora & Asher

I spent a few days visiting these cuties this past week!  Nora, 3, and Asher, 5 months, are my niece and nephew.  I couldn’t wait until summer to see them again so a quick visit was in order.

Asher loves people! When you look at him his whole face lights up. And he likes to be held facing out so he can watch everyone and be part of the action.

Nora says the funniest things and loves her little brother. She loves to sing, read books and play outside with her aunt Mimi!

Love these two to pieces 🙂


Charleston, SC Photo Shoot: Maguire Family

Lucie reached out to me about she and her family gifting their dad, Bobby, a family photo session for his 70th birthday.  I know I’m biased, but I think photos make the best gifts!  The little guys, Scott and James, kept me on my toes and were so much fun.  I laughed a lot with this bunch.  At the end, Robert said, “I usually hate photos but this wasn’t so bad!  I had fun!”  I’ll take that!


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