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Charleston Photo Session: Issakainen Family

Most of my summer photo sessions are extended families out at the beach.  I always enjoy watching the cousins play and interact together.  When I was little my favorite week of the summer was when my cousins visited us in Syracuse!  I was so sad to see them go every time.  We took these images out by the Isle of Palms pier!  The mornings are perfect when there aren’t too many people out yet (and I may have edited some out of the background….)


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Charleston Newborn Photo Session: Camp

This family welcomed Camp into their home recently!  Newborn shoots with siblings can be a little crazy as everyone is adjusting to the new change but a little patience and bribery can go a long way!


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Charleston Photo Session: Meder Family

What does life with four boys look like?  Lots of love, smiles, running, silly faces… and two very patient parents!  I’ve been working with this family since #3’s newborn shoots and it’s so fun watching them grow!

Charleston Photo Session: Woody Family

Love this family’s colors!  And we had lots of clouds to make for some beautiful, even light.  It was so fun watching the three kiddos play and interact together!

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Syracuse, NY Photo Session: LaFay Family

Katie is my bestest friend!  We met when we were four and she moved into the house next door!  It was the best!  This girl is like no other.  She’s one of the most faithful friends.  Fun, intentional, hilarious, steadfast, patient, forgiving and wise.  We went to kindergarten and college together.  Even after college we both got jobs in Virginia in completely different fields of work and were able to hang out on weekends.  When she moved back to New York it was the first time in 19 years we’d lived apart.  But that hasn’t affected our friendship one bit.  It kills us that we live so far apart now but we both make an effort to keep in touch and we make the most of our visits.

So, so, so many fun memories with her when we were little.  We went to our first concert – New Kids on the Block together in 5th grade.  We were once grounded from seeing each other (for some reason!) but I went over to her house anyway while her parents were gone.  They came home earlier than expected so she hid me in her closet then when I got a chance I ran out the back door and bolted home!  We used to ride our bikes to the gas station at the corner and buy candy with all of our money.  Then rode 20 minutes to our friend Annette’s house, we met her in kindergarten, ha!  Sleepovers in our trailers, pool parties, trips, Young Life.  We grew up playing outside with our brothers – a gang of five of us – basketball, water gun fights, building forts, snowmobiling, ice skating which usually ended in someone fighting, crying, getting injured or a concussion.  I don’t remember life without her.  And don’t want to!

When I was home a couple of weeks ago she asked me to take photos of her family.  Um, of course!  Mike, her hubby, hates pics but he’s a good sport – ha!  And I just can’t choose my favorites of her girls, Maddie and Charlotte, who call me Auntie 🙂  Katie is the BEST mom and it’s such a joy to watch her and Mike with their little ladies!!  Okay, I’m going to stop crying and babbling on now and let you see some pics….



Charleston Photo Session: Washburn Family

That golden hour light!!  This is my third time working with the Washburn family so we’re comfortable to just run around the beach like crazy people together, ha!  Love so many of these images!  Looking forward to seeing them again next June!

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Charleston Photo Session: Prasch Family

This is the second time I’ve photographed the Prasch family while they vacationed here in Charleston.  And this session came with a new addition to the family AND an exciting announcement!

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