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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Ballew Family

Here are images of Connor and Aiden on my FIRST photo session with them at 18 months old.  ❤   The following photos are from our recent on the beach for their 4th birthday! We had a blast jumping, running around, playing in the sand and getting SOAKED.  Is this really my job??
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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Cannon Family

Mom and Dad have their hands full with twin three year olds and a one year old! The Cannon family escaped the cold up north and headed to Folly Beach for spring break.  We arrived on the beach right before sunrise for our session.  As the sun rose the little girl lost interest in me and pointed at the sun saying “ooh, look!!”  As you view the images you’ll see the light change from pink to yellow during the session.  The kiddos did great!  Bribery at it’s finest!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Reed Family

I so enjoyed my time with the Reed family!  They were referred to me by some friends who live in Charleston and I’m so glad it worked out!  Sometimes when I ask siblings around River and Lincoln’s age to touch or be love-y they make faces and are resistant.  (You know, because cooties.)  But I was pleasantly surprised when they worked it for the camera!  Such sweeties.  We had a good time running around on the beach at Kiawah!  I love my job.   🙂


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Owen Family

The Owen crew just became a family of FIVE!  It is so evident that sweet Walker is adored by his two big sisters.  And Mom and Dad are pretty crazy about him, too 🙂


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Koelbl Family

Love this family’s contagious smiles!  Wilson felt the ocean waves on his feet for the first time.  I think he’s a bit uncertain!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Stein Family

We had to work around some nasty weather to get this session done but we made it happen!  I had a blast on this fun and playful session – and those handsome boys stole the show!


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Charleston, SC Beach Photo Session

Don’t be jealous that we can still wear shorts at the beach in mid-October!  This family doesn’t get to see each other very often so it’s a privilege to take these photos of their time together on Isle of Palms.  Lindsay might have used some pina coladas to bribe the adults for photos.  And usually the bribing is only needed for the kiddos! 😉

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