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Folly Sunrise Session

I do lots of beach sessions but only a few actual sunrise shoots.  We began shooting about 15 minutes before the sun came up and I’m in love with the light in these images!  AND Quinn’s sweet little face.  How precious is she?!


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Then & Now

Here are a few “then and now” photos from clients I have photographed over the years.  Two things strike me – little kiddos get big FAST and my photography has grown leaps and bounds since I started this business of mine.  Thank you to all of my clients who have supported me time and time again!

Avery then.AVERY1
Avery now.
Walker & Hudson then.
Walker & Hudson now.
Oliver with Mom & Dad then.
Oliver with two little brothers, Elliot & Charlie, now!
Finley & Emmie then.
Finley & Emmie now.
Campbell modeling for me then.
Campbell now.
CAMPBELL2Eleanor then.
Eleanor now.
ELEANOR2Finn then. (Those little fingers!)
Finn now!
Will & Nora then.
Will & Nora now. Protective older brother…? 🙂
Gavin & Bailey then.
Gavin & Bailey now. Gavin’s hair was much tamer 😉
Liesel then.
Liesel now.
Max then.
MAX1Max now.
Noah then.NOAH1
Noah proud of baby brother, Hudson, now!
NOAH2Roman sizing up new sis, Adair, then.PETRINO1Roman & Adair now.PETRINO2
Reese then.
Reese now.
REESE2Roman then.ROMAN1
Roman now.
ROMAN2Sims then.SIMS1THENSims now.SIMS2NOWStafford then.STAFFORD1Stafford with little sis, Meriwether, now.STAFFORD2

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Max is ONE!

This is my first sunrise session.  Keith, Casey and Max met me at 6:30am out at the Isle of Palms pier on a perfect morning to shoot Max’s one year photos.  It feels like I just did his newborn photos!  Time flies.  Max was a little newborn; love his chunky monkey thighs he’s got now 🙂

Kopcsak-1Kopcsak-2Kopcsak-3Kopcsak-4Kopcsak-5Kopcsak-6Kopcsak-7Kopcsak-8Kopcsak-9Kopcsak-10Kopcsak-11 (DESKTOP-SL5A0ME's conflicted copy 2017-08-31)Kopcsak-12Kopcsak-13

Oropeza Family

The Oropeza’s saw what this crazy Charleston weather is like in the summer.  We postponed our original shoot for the next day because it was going to storm.  It didn’t.  Instead it rained during the time we re-scheduled the shoot for :/  Thankfully, they stayed at a beach house with a great porch and we got the job done!

Whitacre Family Beach Session

I’ve worked for Susan for about 3 years now, assisting her with her business.  I jumped at the chance to photograph her extended family while they were all visiting Charleston.  I laughed a lot with this fun bunch!  Aren’t they a good lookin’ group?? 🙂

Robben Family

I usually have sessions with little ones that I’m chasing around but here’s a recent shoot I did with some big kids!  They were very good listeners and I didn’t have to chase them to get a good pic 🙂  I hadn’t been out to this place on Folly Beach in awhile, how beautiful are these trees on the beach!?


Raley Family Beach Shoot

I enjoyed spending some time with the Raley family for our Isle of Palms photo shoot!  I can’t help but smile when I look through these fun, playful photos!  How stinkin’ cute are these kiddos?  And the LIGHT… sunset photos are the best 🙂