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My Family :)

Love these guys to pieces!  I took some photos of my brother’s family last week while I was visiting New York.  Nora’s getting more mobile = more challenging to shoot!  But darn it is she cute!

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Family Photos October 2016

I just returned from visiting my family in New York.  I grew up in Syracuse but my parents  sold their home of 38 years (!!!) and moved to be closer to my brother and his family in Albany.  The last two visits have been emotional as I said goodbye to the old house this summer and then stayed in the new house last week.  But I’m looking forward to making new memories with these guys at the new place!  My niece Nora June is 11 months old and is a joy to be around.  She’s so much fun!  She’s learned so many new things since I saw her this summer.  It’s the strangest thing seeing my little brother as a hubby and a dad – but pretty awesome, too 🙂  Do I see a hint of red in that hair??…