Charleston, SC Newborn Session: Emilia

Sweet Emilia!  She slept through this ENTIRE session.  And let me pose her and pass her around like it was nothing.  I went into this session wondering how it would go with three older siblings!  A new baby is a lot of change for everyone and sometimes kiddos aren’t into holding the new little bundle that just rocked their world.  But these three proud siblings were awesome!  So loving and affectionate towards this lucky lady 🙂  It looks to me like Reggie is happy he’s no longer the baby!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Johnnie & Barbara

Mr. Johnnie and Miss Barbara’s daughter arranged to have these images taken for their 50th wedding anniversary!  How sweet are these!  (You’ll see their sweet granddaughter sneak in for a few, too!)

I asked how they met and they said they’d grown up near Charleston not too far away from each other but didn’t meet until high school.  One day Miss Barbara got on the school bus and Mr. Johnnie had saved a seat for her.  And they said the rest is history.  She said, “It’s not always the grand gestures that mean the most but the small acts can change your life forever.”


Charleston, SC Photo Session: Williams Family

Grandma and Grandpa have their hands full [literally] with their sweet crew of grands!  We braved the bright sun of the beach and made lots of silly faces and noises for the kiddos.  One of my favorite things is to see all the crazy stuff the extended family will do for a smile – family members are the best assistants!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Miller Family

Summer time is a fun season for photo sessions. (Well, besides having to work around all of the crazy thunderstorms like we did for this session.  I’m thankful for flexible clients!) Most of my clients this month are visiting Charleston on vacation and family members are enjoying the city and the yummy food and beautiful surroundings together.  I feel so honored to document their special time together with some photographs!  Ryan and Brooks had me cracking up this whole session!  So funny and expressive!



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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Wells Family

Wyatt is TWO! And he’s such a special kiddo that his family came all the way from California to celebrate him 🙂  The break between June thunderstorms lends itself to beautiful light that photographers dream about!  We had a perfect cloudy night on Pitt Street Bridge for a family portrait session.


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Chung Family

This little guy!  He made me belly laugh through most of our photo session. (I left out the photos of his shorts falling down!)  The Chung family was visiting Charleston from Boston and we visited Pitt Street Bridge and Isle of Palms for our session to mix things up and include some different backgrounds.  At the end of our session Matty melted my heart with, “The next time I see you, when you come to Boston, we’ll take pictures together.  I have a blue camera with yellow buttons, it’s a rectangle!”

When you try to get a shot without the kiddo…Chung-20
Matty snapped this one, notice the angle 🙂

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Nicholson Family

Eloise was a happy little thing! And be sure to notice the cutest little nose scrunch ❤  The Nicholson’s were visiting and wanted a very “Charleston” looking session so we began at Washington Square then strolled on Chalmers St because nothing says Charleston like oak trees, iron gates and cobblestone 🙂


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