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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Washburn Family

These faces may look familiar if you’ve been following me for a bit.  This is my fourth photo session with the Washburn family, I started working with them before the youngest was born!  I laugh a LOT with these guys while we’re running around on the beach.  The littlest one ended up nude covered in sand and yelled, “It’s picture time!!!!”


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Walter & Still Families

Sisters, Jessica and Eliza, are from the small town next to mine in New York.  We’ve known each other since high school and now Jessica lives in Charleston, too!  We all gathered at Hampton Park, one of my favorite places to shoot.

I’m so thankful that clients trust me to take their photos while they’re with their families on vacation!  I know that time together doesn’t happen as often as everyone would like and it’s a special and rare time to get photos taken.    I’m honored to provide families with memories from their time in Charleston.  Lots of extended family sessions coming to the blog soon!


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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Manna Family

Okay, Bennett has to win the award for the smiliest kiddo I’ve ever photographed.  A photographer’s dream!  Despite the HOT temps he was a trooper and all I had to do is look at him to get him to smile!  Notice his hair getting sweatier by the end, ha!  That’s okay.  Still cute!


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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to you dads and grandpas!  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past few months highlighting the dads!

This first photo is me and my dad when he came to visit in May. You don’t even know lucky am I to have this guy as my dad.  But I do!  He’s sweet and generous and funny and I am so thankful that he’s in my life!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Love you!



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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Ballew Family

Here are images of Connor and Aiden on my FIRST photo session with them at 18 months old.  ❤   The following photos are from our recent on the beach for their 4th birthday! We had a blast jumping, running around, playing in the sand and getting SOAKED.  Is this really my job??
Untitled design



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Charleston, SC Photo Session: McCullough Family

Wesley is just beginning to walk and Emma is in a big twirling stage so we were sure to capture both of those activities on our mini session at Daniel Island!  It’s such an honor to grow with families to freeze all of those big and little milestones in a photograph.  I picture mom and dad showing Emma and Wesley these images when they’re older and remembering the details of every age and stage.

When Emma’s not messin’ around playing peek-a-boo

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Charleston, SC Photo Session: Fralish Family

I had the privilege of photographing the Fralish family during my spring mini sessions this year.  They hadn’t had family photos done since the youngest was 6 months old – he’s 7 now!  It’s so easy for time to get away from us and we can just put off getting photos done but it’s so important!  Especially for you mamas to be in the photos since you are the ones always taking them!  So glad we connected to update their family album 🙂


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