My Family, July 2016!

I was able to go home to New York for a week and of course a photo shoot with 8 month old Nora was in order (my niece!)  I know I’m biased but I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest little babe ever.

FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-1FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-3FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-4Ugh, those baby blues <3
Photo cred: my brother, Scott!
My parents are the cutest
Exploring Chittenango Falls
Love this photo Scott captured!
FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-27This girl LOVES the water!  She’d be perfectly content to stay in the pool all day.FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-28FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-29FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-30FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-31FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-32FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-35FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-37FamilyPhotosJuly2016_SM-38

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