Mandy Said “YES!”

Why am I freezing and dressed like a stalker on a boat?  Just being sneaky to capture Matt proposing to Mandy!  Joe was my driver.  Why are his clothes soaked?  While attempting to get on the boat it started “floating away” so he jumped in the water in his nice clothes to get it.  That’s all I know.  Onto more important things… Mandy said YES!GillespieMartinProposalGillespieMartinProposal-1GillespieMartinProposal-3GillespieMartinProposal-2We’ve been spotted!GillespieMartinProposal-4GillespieMartinProposal-6GillespieMartinProposal-9GillespieMartinProposal-8GillespieMartinProposal-7GillespieMartinProposal-10GillespieMartinProposal-12GillespieMartinProposal-13

Congratulations, Matt and Mandy!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day 🙂

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