My dear friends Erica and Drew had Jack on January 4th.  They knew while Erica was pregnant that there were complications.  Jack was diagnosed with a moderate to severe left sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia which required surgery shortly after birth. Many babes that are diagnosed with this condition do not survive, so we were all praying like crazy and waiting on pins and needles during his birth and surgery for updates.  These photos were taken when Jack was 4 days old a few hours before his surgery.

Jack has proven be quite the fighter!  His surgery went well and he has been making steady progress and is getting stronger!  He is well on his way to breathing on his own without the assistance from machines.  We are praising God for that.  If you think of it, take a moment to say a prayer for Jack, Drew, and Erica as you look at the photos of this handsome boy 🙂


Can’t wait to take some family photos of these three after Jack comes home! ❤

Update:  Jack continued to get stronger and recover well from surgery.  He was in the hospital for about five more weeks after his surgery and got to come home on Valentine’s day.  He’s doing well!

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