Kevin & Kelly

Kevin was absolutely dreading this photo shoot.  So, when he asked Kelly and I where he needed to meet us for the shoot… The answer was Community Tapp for a beer (or two) first.  That’s not how I typically start photos shoots but for friends I made an exception – Kelly and I met in Charleston 7 years ago (wow!) and became quick friends.  We’ve kept in touch even though she lives in Greenville now.  Whenever I need to breathe some mountain air I head up to see her so we can hike (after eating a bagel somewhere, of course).  The moment I met Kevin I felt like I had known him for years.  You can feel the love these two have for each other by looking at the photos!  They can’t stop smiling (and that’s not the beer 😉  I am so excited to celebrate with these two in April!

Our first stop was Horizon Records in Greenville.  I was looking forward to doing the shoot in this unique spot!KevinKelly_SM-1KevinKelly_SM-3KevinKelly_SM-4KevinKelly_SM-5KevinKelly_SM-6Next, to the park because I love shooting out in natural light!KevinKelly_SM-7KevinKelly_SM-8KevinKelly_SM-9KevinKelly_SM-10KevinKelly_SM-11KevinKelly_SM-12We couldn’t resist capturing a moment with this couple who were on their own engagement shoot…KevinKelly_SM-13KevinKelly_SM-14KevinKelly_SM-16KevinKelly_SM-17

Congratulations you two!

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