2015 Year in Review

At the end of each December I try to take some time to look back at the year and remember all of the projects and photo sessions I got to work on.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to run my business for over three years now which allows me to have some faithful repeat clients.  One of my favorite things is building these relationships and watching the kiddos grow up before my eyes!  So, you’ll see some familiar faces below.  And lots of new ones too!

Some of my 2015 highlights!…
I was able to attend a photo conference in May at the home of Zach and Jody Gray, wedding photographers in Nashville.  I can’t even tell you how much that two day workshop helped my photography.  Zach and Jody were so great and taught us all of their juicy photo secrets!

In September I was able to travel out west (for the first time!) with some  friends from Charleston.  We stayed outside of Denver and I’ll never forget hiking Rocky Mountain National Park.

December was the highlight of my year when I got to meet my niece, Nora.  It’s amazing how the hours can pass so quickly when you’re just staring at a little newborn!  She will grow tired of her auntie always wanting to take photos of her 🙂  So thankful God placed her in our family.













Happy New Year!  Cheers to 2016 🙂

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