@sincerely_roxyJstyle with Rachel and Jaden!

Two things:
1.  Rachel has a new instagram account, @sincerely_roxyJstyle that you should visit where she shares about fashion and lifestyle along with some encouragement and day-to-day life with her son Jaden.
2.  Her little guy, Jaden, has my heart.  As you can see from this post he had a little surprise for me when Rachel and I met for our shoot.
sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-1 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-3 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-4 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-5 This girl is beautiful – inside and out!sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-7 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-8 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-13
I can’t resist taking pics of Jaden while Rachel and I do our style shoots 🙂sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-14 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-16 sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-17 Not sure exactly what’s happening here…sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-18 Yes. He came with a dozen roses for me.  He thought of it!  Oh, Rachel you’re in trouble!sincerely_roxyJstyle_Oct2015-24

Go check Rachel and Jaden out @sincerely_roxyJstyle !

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