Jekyll Island Wedding with Wild Cotton Photo

My dear friend Aly with Wild Cotton Photography asked me to road trip it down to Jekyll Island to second shoot a wedding with her.  I jumped at the chance!  Can’t get enough of those beautiful oak trees.  Aly shoots weddings in Nashville and Charleston.  Go check out her site.  Seriously.  She’s awesome.
Aly is one of my cheerleaders who encouraged me to start my photo business and has helped me along the way.  Answering questions, letting me tag along on her engagement shoots and now asking me to second shoot for her.  I’ve learned so much from her and am thankful for her friendship and photo skills 🙂
JekyllIslandWedding-1 JekyllIslandWedding-3 JekyllIslandWedding-4 JekyllIslandWedding-6 JekyllIslandWedding-7 JekyllIslandWedding-9 JekyllIslandWedding-11 JekyllIslandWedding-12 JekyllIslandWedding-13 JekyllIslandWedding-14 JekyllIslandWedding-15 JekyllIslandWedding-16 JekyllIslandWedding-17 JekyllIslandWedding-18 JekyllIslandWedding-21 JekyllIslandWedding-22 JekyllIslandWedding-23 JekyllIslandWedding-24 JekyllIslandWedding-25 JekyllIslandWedding-26 JekyllIslandWedding-27 JekyllIslandWedding-28 JekyllIslandWedding-29 JekyllIslandWedding-30 JekyllIslandWedding-31

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