Young Family

Ok, I love the story behind these photos!  Joe and Diana live in Florida and came to the Charleston area for vacation.  They rented a house to stay in for what Diana thought would be for just a couple of nights.  She was thinking the house was awfully big for the two of them.  Joe had worked out all the details for their three sons and their families to vacation with them.  Everyone kept the surprise from Diana!  The families came from Massachusetts, Japan and Florida!  I bet that mama’s heart was so happy to have everyone in one place.YoungFamily-4
YoungFamily-1 YoungFamily-3YoungFamily-2 YoungFamily-5 YoungFamily-6 YoungFamily-7 YoungFamily-8 YoungFamily-9 Boys will be boys….YoungFamily-10 So in this photo below, little Miss Siena has a big smile on her face and is making everyone laugh by plopping herself in the ocean. You’d never know that 20 minutes prior she was throwing up into the Dunes!  That is a first for me on a shoot – I’ve never had anyone get physically ill before!  Thankfully she felt ok after and didn’t skip a beat…YoungFamily-11 YoungFamily-12 YoungFamily-13 YoungFamily-14 YoungFamily-15
What was that I said before about boys being boys?YoungFamily-16

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