Maddie & Charlotte

My two nieces are cuter than yours.  🙂

I got to travel home to upstate New York last month and visit my family and best friend of 30 years.  THIRTY.  That’s so weird to say!  It makes my heart so happy to see her as a mama to these little loves Maddie and Charlotte.   We did an impromptu photo shoot in my parents backyard and suffered through the mosquito bites to get these photos.  I think it was well worth it 😉
*Thanks to my mom for being my assistant in helping out with a very independent 2 year old!

Maddie&Charlotte-13Maddie&Charlotte-14Maddie&Charlotte-11 Maddie&Charlotte-10 Maddie&Charlotte-9 Maddie&Charlotte-8 Maddie&Charlotte-7 Maddie&Charlotte-5 Maddie&Charlotte-4 Maddie&Charlotte-21Maddie&Charlotte-3 Maddie&Charlotte-20Maddie&Charlotte-1

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