Josh, Laura & Roman

Roman is growing up!  The last time I saw this little guy he was turning ONE.  We did a family session and I also took photos at his birthday party.  Now he’s 18 months old and getting taller! He is certainly at that independent stage but sure does love his mama and daddy.  My favorite moment was when he did sign language for “more” to get more kisses from Josh and Laura.  So sweet!PetrinoFamilyMay15-1 PetrinoFamilyMay15-2 PetrinoFamilyMay15-4 PetrinoFamilyMay15-7 PetrinoFamilyMay15-9 PetrinoFamilyMay15-12 PetrinoFamilyMay15-13 PetrinoFamilyMay15-14 PetrinoFamilyMay15-15 PetrinoFamilyMay15-16

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Friday 🙂

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