Roman’s First Birthday

This handsome little guy is one!  Tyler, Stacy and Roman met me out at Pitt Street Bridge for our session.  It was a beautiful morning – well, everything except the no-see-ums that ate us alive!  Check out the “one year later photos” below.  We took photos at the same spot we did Tyler and Stacy’s maternity shoot.  Love!
Rains4-14-15-1 Rains4-14-15-2 Rains4-14-15-3 Rains4-14-15-5 Rains4-14-15-6 Rains4-14-15-7 Rains4-14-15-8 Rains4-14-15-9 Rains4-14-15-10One year later…Rains4-14-15-13 Rains4-14-15-14 Rains4-14-15-15 Rains4-14-15-16One year later…RomanRains31And here are some of my favorite outtakes!  The gnats thought we were breakfast…IMG_1591

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