2014 Year In Review: Taking a Leap of Faith!


That’s how I’m feeling on this New Year’s Eve.  2014 was the year I took a leap of faith and quit my full time job to invest more time in my photography business.  It has been a lot of work but so worth it and I’ve learned a lot.  My clients are the best!  Here are some photos from the entire year – some are new and some you’ve seen before.

I worked with a  few businesses/organizations and took photos for their websites.
Campus Outreach:
Canvas Salon downtown on King Street:
Canvas-1  The Pulse Charleston:ThePulse-1

Emily’s family asked me to take head shots for her, she’s an AMAZING dancer!

Here are a few engagement sessions that I did this year.  These are always so funny because if the guys are honest, they are usually super uncomfortable with me taking photos of their PDA’s… but then they realize it’s not so bad 😉Boulware-2 BrownEngagement-1 engagement Harter-1 Harter-2 i Shawn&Heather-2

All of these maternity shoots are with first time parents.  I just love how these mama’s are glowing!  I’m noticing now how popular stripes were…  MurdaughMaternity-1 n RainsMaternity-1 WaggonerMaternity-1
WernerMaternity-2 Willis-1

And of course after the maternity shoot comes the newborn and family session!  All of these sweet babes are about a week old.  Such a privilege to be able to take these important photos for clients.Bowers-1 BrownOliver-1 c Garza-1 Guest-3 Liesel-2 Liesel-3 ma Medar-1 Medar-2 mg Murdaugh-1 Murdaugh-2 newborn2 NoahNewborn-1 NoahNewborn-2 o Sullivan-1 Wendell-3

Here are all of the family shoots I worked on this year!  Charleston is a photographer’s dream and the place to be for beautiful backdrops.
KurasFamily-2 KurasFamily-1
Bearden-2 Berg-3 Camp-1 CrowWedding-1 d Johnson-1 Karnes-1 KarnesFamMay-1 MathesiusJuly-1 McQuillinElection-1 md Mer&Mon-1 Morgan-1 Mosteller-1 Mullis-2 Ortel-2 Ortel-3 Parker-1 Petrino-1 Reese-1 rz Singer-1 Skover-1 Taylor-1

Children have got to be the most challenging but most fun and rewarding part of my photography.  I love capturing their real smiles and getting away from the “CHEESE-Y” ones!
Boucher-1 children1 CrowWedding-2 Duffy-1 Harper-1 Huffman-1 Johnson-3 MathesiusJune-1 McQuillin-4 n Singer-2 Stafford&Walker-1 Vasquez-1 Walker-1 WaterfrontPark-1

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog thanks for taking a look!  Have a Happy 2015!

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