Berg Family

The Bergs are expecting baby #2 in January!  Molly wanted to get some family photos while they’re still a family of three.  Oliver was moving a lot faster during this shoot than he was last time!  Loved Molly’s comment to me after she saw the photos:  “It always amazes me that you got THESE out of the crazy mess of our photo shoot!”
BergFamilyOct2014-1 BergFamilyOct2014-2 BergFamilyOct2014-4 BergFamilyOct2014-5 BergFamilyOct2014-6 BergFamilyOct2014-7 BergFamilyOct2014-8 BergFamilyOct2014-9
Here’s Curt’s attempt at a cheesy Pinterest pose.  I don’t think Molly’s feelin’ it.BergFamilyOct2014-10 BergFamilyOct2014-11
And here’s the moment Oliver is OVER the photo shootBergFamilyOct2014-12 BergFamilyOct2014-13


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