European Adventure Part 2: Croatia

Immediately after I booked my round trip ticket to Copenhagen to see Annette, we had to decide where to go on a side trip.  We wanted to visit somewhere neither of us had visited before and were open to suggestions.  We landed on Croatia!  And soooo glad we did.Croatia-3
Here’s our cute apartment we booked with  Located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, right near the coast.Croatia-4
And this was where our apartment was located. I mean, c’mon, REALLY!?  These small alleys made up the entire old town and we would just wander around and explore.  Beautiful!Croatia-5

Croatia-52 Croatia-51
Why not add another stamp to our passports?  One day we took a trip to Montenegro.  We drove on the windy roads along the Adriatic and stopped at Kotor and Budva.  More and more beautiful scenery to take in!
Croatia-50 Croatia-49 Croatia-48

Croatia-46 Croatia-47  Croatia-45 Croatia-44 Croatia-43 Croatia-42 Croatia-41 Croatia-40 Croatia-39
Back to Old Town, if you like Game of Thrones, the town probably looks familiar.  This is where they film it!  (I’ve never seen it!)Croatia-38 Croatia-37 Croatia-36
Dinner at a restaurant up on the side of the hill.  We called ahead because our dinner, “peka,” took 3 hours to prepare.  This was a good recommendation from Annette’s friends!Croatia-35 Croatia-34
One day we island hopped and stopped on three islands:  Kolocep, Sipan, and Lopud. Croatia-26
When we booked the boat trip to the islands, they asked us what kind of lunch we wanted.  Anne and I opted for vegetarian.  Annette chose fish.  I think she regretted that decision.Croatia-33 Croatia-32 Croatia-31 Croatia-30 Croatia-29
Cats!  Everywhere in Croatia!  (Even on the islands, bleh)Croatia-28 Croatia-27
Seafood platter for dinner, Annette was ready to dive in.  Croatia-25
It was COLD, but I can check “swim in the Adriatic” off my bucket list.Croatia-23

The Old Town is where we stayed – the land that’s  jutting out into the water
All of these photos of the rooftops were taken as we walked on the walls that surround the Old Town, it took us about two hours.  LOTS of stairs but incredible views! Croatia-22 Croatia-21   Croatia-18 Croatia-17 Croatia-16 Croatia-14
Grape vines and olive trees all over this area!Croatia-13 Croatia-12 Croatia-11 Croatia-10
During our walk around the city walls we bought art from the sweetest Croatian man, love talking to locals!Croatia-9
New and old.Croatia-8 Croatia-7
We ate our breakfast here every morning.  I know.  We’re spoiled.  Rotten.
Croatia-6    Croatia-2
SUCH an awesome trip with Annette and Anne!  Will never forget it and feel so blessed that we were able to go.

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