European Adventure Part 1: Copenhagen

My best friend, Annette, has been living in Copenhagen for almost 2 years teaching at an international school.   I HAD to go visit!  A free place to stay in Europe with my best friend?  Yes, please!
Yep, we’ve been friends since kindergarten… have we changed much??
The wait was over!  I was finally heading to Copenhagen for the first time.  (After meeting up with Anne at the airport in Toronto 🙂Denmark-1
Annette was ready for us with a checklist of Danish things we must do during our stay!….Denmark-15
We got quite a few of the food items checked off the first half hour we were there!  The open faces sandwiches (smørrebrød) are a Danish thing so we just dove in and ordered pickled herring for our first meal there.  And were pleasantly surprised.
There’s no better way to fight jet lag then to ride your bike ALL over the city your first day!  A large percentage of people in Copenhagen use their bike as their primary mode of transportation.  Such a perfect way for us to see the city!
It was funny seeing people dressed up for work on their bikes, bikes with “strollers’ attached to cart their kiddos around and people carrying shopping bags – much more coordinated than me!
These were taken in the interesting little hippie town of Christiania,  a “self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents.”  The people watching was fantastic!  Favorite pastimes there are yoga, meditation and smoking pot 😉 Denmark-3
Some random differences in the culture…
…people there don’t say “excuse me.”  If you’re on the metro and someone needs to get off they move so you move.  The whole time I was there I’d say “excuse me” if I bumped into someone or needed someone to move with no response 🙂 But then any Danish person we met was so nice!  Not a rude thing, just a cultural thing, I guess!
…the Danes have less words than we do.  For example, they have the word “sad” while we have “sad, disappointed, upset, frustrated” and on and on.
…I SO appreciated that people weren’t as stuck to their phones as we are here in the states.  We would be out with people and everyone was in the moment.
…I loved the simple apartments and living spaces.  The grocery stores don’t have a million choices of salad dressing or pickles. The Danish designers all tend to have clean, beautiful designs from buildings to kitchenware.  Simplicity.  I like it.
-The Danes think it’s silly that we greet people with, “Hi, how are you?” when we really don’t expect a full answer of how you’re doing 🙂
Denmark-4 Denmark-5

The little mermaid was not at the top of my list, but I guess you have to see her while you’re there! Denmark-11
We’re SOOOO excited to be in Denmark!Denmark-8
Here’s where the queen lives, she’s not home 🙂  If she was there would be a flag flying!Denmark-7
Annette’s so happy we’re here!  We stopped at lots of bakeries and sweet shops because you must eat danishes in Denmark, right?Denmark-16
I got to meet Annette’s kiddos and teacher friends.  We went on a field trip to Deer Park, then back to the classroom to read before the end of the day.
Kids can’t sit like normal people in ANY country that you’re in…. 🙂Denmark-18
This girl loves a french hot dog from the street vendors. (And when I say “this girl” I mean Annette)  Denmark-29
We took the train north of Copenhagen and visited Kronborg Castle.  So beautiful near the coast!
Denmark-26   Denmark-23 Denmark-22 Denmark-21 Denmark-20
And we were only a 20 minute ferry ride from Sweden, so what the heck….Denmark-24


Ok, Anne and I were loving hygge in Denmark!  Pronounced “HOO-gah” there’s not a literal translation to English, but the best way I can describe it is a feeling of contentment, peace, coziness.  Maybe this will help.  Candles and hanging out with family or friends are a must!Denmark-30
“Gammel Dansk” meaning “Old Danish” is a drink they usually take a shot of at breakfast!  No thanks.  (Guess that means I can’t be Danish)  But I’ll drink it at midnight to celebrate Annette’s 33RD birthday!Denmark-31
Here’s Annette’s birthday gift I asked Emily at Texture Design Co to customize for her.  Annette teared up when she got it!  Visit Emily’s Etsy shop, she’s got some really original and unique designs! Denmark-32
We took a side trip to Croatia for a few days (and it was beautiful!!)   Photos from that trip will be posted soon so stay tuned…

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