Noah James

Baby Dubs is a boy!  Last time I took photos of this sweet family  we didn’t know the gender of the baby (not even Chris & Kait knew).  Less than a month later Noah James was born on March 15th!

It was a standoff.  Noah vs me and my camera.  Newborns are much easier to photograph when they’re asleep.  We tried rocking and feeding and noise machines and pacis and swaddling.  He wasn’t havin’ it.  Noah won and did not fall asleep during our 2 hour shoot (and I returned later in the week to try again but sleep did not happen).  Regardless, I still love him…and these images!
NoahJamesNewborn-3 NoahJamesNewborn-4
Oh my word… that face.NoahJamesNewborn-12 NoahJamesNewborn-20 NoahJamesNewborn-24 NoahJamesNewborn-25 NoahJamesNewborn-26 NoahJamesNewborn-27
Chris took this shot of how we got the 2 images above!  Noah was getting fussy so I needed mama to comfort him.  Pretty high tech operation we’ve got going here, huh? 🙂NoahJamesNewborn-28

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