Cooper River Bridge Run 2014

Jenny & I agreed to WALK the bridge run together this year so I brought my camera along. Please excuse the sleepiness and lack of showering 🙂  And nope, couldn’t even SEE the start line yet.  I guess that’s what you get for running with 35,000 of your closest friends…BridgeRun2014-01
As we crossed the start line, the winners were already finished :/BridgeRun2014-3
Seeing fun friends/cheerleaders along the way!BridgeRun2014-4 BridgeRun2014-5 BridgeRun2014-6 BridgeRun2014-7 BridgeRun2014-9 BridgeRun2014-10 BridgeRun2014-11 BridgeRun2014-12 BridgeRun2014-13 BridgeRun2014-14
Made it!  We always run for the muffins, but this year we had to settle for bagels…BridgeRun2014-20

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