A little about me…

Here are just a few things I love…
Chai Tea. Coffee?  No thanks, but give me a chai anytime, anywhere!

Charleston.  I’ve been in Charleston for 5 years now and still have, “I can’t believe I live here!” moments!  Love the beaches, downtown, the people and the food… but I could do without the palmetto bugs 🙂

My Bible.  Amazing to me the truth, joy, comfort and guidance I find on these pages.

Live music.  My local favorites – Needtobreathe and Crowfield!

Family.  LOVE them, they are the best!!  And MISS them since we live 15 1/2 hours apart…

Traveling.  I’ve got Australia, India and 8 countries in Europe under my belt.  I think Spain is next on the list!  Any suggestions for me?…

The Adirondacks.  I grew up about an hour from the Adirondack Mountains in NY.  My family and I went camping and hiking there every year of my life until I moved away.  Not what most people picture when think of New York!

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