IN-CAMERA Photo Workshop with Zach and Jody Gray

Some of you know that I headed to Nashville last weekend (Franklin, to be exact) to attend an IN-CAMERA Shooting & Light workshop taught by Zach and Jody Gray.  So, for two days I joined about 20 other photographers in Zach and Jody’s home to learn about geeky photog tricks! 

Here are some photos from Day 1.  We learned to use an expo disc to get correct exposure and white balance IN-CAMERA.  Then, you don’t have to correct those things later in post processing.  Translation: This will save me tons of time when I edit!  We carpooled over to “The Factory” in Franklin to practice shooting and worked with four models – Linsdsey, Steph, Elly and Micah.  It was so great to have Zach and Jody, along with some other folks, available so we could ask questions and practice.  I’m looking forward to using these techniques on photo sessions with my clients.ZachJodyWorkshop-1

ZachJodyWorkshop-2         ZachJodyWorkshop-13Poor Lindsey’s eyes were burning from the bright sun!ZachJodyWorkshop-12ZachJodyWorkshop-11 ZachJodyWorkshop-10 ZachJodyWorkshop-9 ZachJodyWorkshop-7 ZachJodyWorkshop-6 ZachJodyWorkshop-5 ZachJodyWorkshop-4 ZachJodyWorkshop-16




The topic on Day 2 was off camera lighting which I haven’t spent much time doing.  I usually use only natural light on my shoots.  Zach and Jody taught us how to use off camera lighting to create some more dramatic photos.  It was fun to play and see how changing a setting on your camera would affect the final result.  Here are some images from the day!
ZachJodyWorkshop-30 ZachJodyWorkshop-29 ZachJodyWorkshop-28 ZachJodyWorkshop-27 ZachJodyWorkshop-26 ZachJodyWorkshop-25 ZachJodyWorkshop-24



If you’ve made it to the end of this post thanks for visiting!  And thanks to Zach and Jody for inviting us into their home and teaching us their photo skills!

Heron Family

This kind of shoot requires an assistant!  My friend Mandy and I headed to West Ashley to photograph the Heron family.  I met Steve and Suzanne about 5 years ago when they were just two and as you can see they’ve grown quickly!  I love hanging out with this family.  Any amount of time with them and you’re guaranteed some laughing, hugging, crying, dancing, drama…. :)

HeronFamily-1HeronB&W2Here’s the real life shot of Avery being completely over this family shoot…. And then literally 1 minute later.HeronFamilyHeronB&W1HeronFamily-4HeronFamily-5 HeronFamily-6Keepin’ it real..HeronFamily-7HeronFamily-8 HeronFamily-18 HeronFamily-20

Mark & Sarah

How stunning is this mama-to-be?  April is one of my favorite months in Charleston.  It was a beautiful day to take some maternity photos out at Hampton Park in downtown Charleston.  I’m so looking forward to taking pictures of Mark and Sarah’s new little one in June… AND finding out if it’s a boy or girl!DavisMaternity-1 DavisMaternity-2 DavisMaternity-3 DavisMaternity-4 DavisMaternity-5 DavisMaternity-7 DavisMaternity-11 DavisMaternity-13 DavisMaternity-14 DavisMaternity-15 DavisMaternity-16 DavisMaternity-17Sarah’s checkin’ out Mark’s baby bump ;)DavisMaternity-18

Roman’s First Birthday

This handsome little guy is one!  Tyler, Stacy and Roman met me out at Pitt Street Bridge for our session.  It was a beautiful morning – well, everything except the no-see-ums that ate us alive!  Check out the “one year later photos” below.  We took photos at the same spot we did Tyler and Stacy’s maternity shoot.  Love!
Rains4-14-15-1 Rains4-14-15-2 Rains4-14-15-3 Rains4-14-15-5 Rains4-14-15-6 Rains4-14-15-7 Rains4-14-15-8 Rains4-14-15-9 Rains4-14-15-10One year later…Rains4-14-15-13 Rains4-14-15-14 Rains4-14-15-15 Rains4-14-15-16One year later…RomanRains31And here are some of my favorite outtakes!  The gnats thought we were breakfast…IMG_1591

Daniel & Katie (Thor, too!)

It was a perfect night at Folly Beach for a photo shoot with Daniel and Katie.  Their pup, Thor, joined us, too!  He doesn’t even know his world’s about to get rocked when their sweet little girl comes along soon!
KeenerMaternity-1 KeenerMaternity-2 KeenerMaternity-3 KeenerMaternity-4 KeenerMaternity-5 KeenerMaternity-6 KeenerMaternity-7 KeenerMaternity-8 KeenerMaternity-9 KeenerMaternity-10 KeenerMaternity-11 KeenerMaternity-12 KeenerMaternity-13

Tanner & Danielle

Before Tanner and Danielle moved I had the opportunity to take some photos at their home with their sweet girl.  She had me cracking up!  Such a happy, smiley (and beautiful!) little thing.  Just wait until you get to the end of the post to see the most impressive little jelly rolls… TannerDanielle-1 TannerDanielle-2 TannerDanielle-3 TannerDanielle-4 TannerDanielle-5 TannerDanielle-6 TannerDanielle-7 TannerDanielle-9 TannerDanielle-10 TannerDanielle-11 TannerDanielle-12 TannerDanielle-13 TannerDanielle-15