A Day in the Life of….

Summer is the perfect time of year to shoot photos of your child or children playing – eating – drawing – reading – dancing in their own homes and backyards! If you’d like to get some real and candid images of your children and your home has a good amount of natural lighting, book a session with me to capture that for you!


You can choose from the packages below (the longer times would allow for two locations if you’d like):

Shoot time: 1 hour
Digital Prints: 30 Total
(15 original color images plus black and white copies of each)

Shoot time: 2 hours
Digital Prints: 60 Total
(30 original color images plus black and white copies of each)

Shoot time: 3 hours
Digital Prints: 100 Total
(50 original color images plus black and white copies of each)


Also note…
.You can do as many outfit changes as you’d like, as time allows

.These sessions are very relaxed and candid. This is not a pose-y “look at the camera and smile” type of shoot. Instead, allow your child do some of their favorite activities or everyday tasks and I will standby with my camera ready to capture it.

.I am a natural light photographer, therefore your home will need to have sufficient light to result in beautiful images! If this is a concern, we can also shoot photos outside in your yard or head to a park or the beach.

Simply email me at info@melissagriffinphotography.com to book your session!

Emma’s Cake Smash

Emma’s turning ONE!  And to celebrate we had a little cake smash.  Emma’s mama wasn’t sure if she’d really get into it, but after those first few bites she didn’t disappoint!  And those blue eyes…!EmmasCakeSmash-1EmmasCakeSmash-3





EmmasCakeSmash-11At first, Emma wasn’t so sure about this…EmmasCakeSmash-12
But she got over it real quick…EmmasCakeSmash-14







Happy Birthday, Emma!

Abbey’s Senior Shoot

Ok, I had trouble narrowing down photos of this beautiful girl!  Abbey graduated from college and her mama wanted some photos for her announcements.  I had a blast with Abbey and her mom, Donna Carole, who I used to work with!  We laughed throughout most of the shoot.  Charleston (per usual) gave us a perfect night with some beautiful lighting for our time together.  Congratulations, Abbey!
Special thanks to my partner in crime Leah from Leah’s Opus Photography for assisting me by holding reflectors and such :)

AbbeyKitchens-2 AbbeyKitchens-3 AbbeyKitchens-4This is the look I got from Abbey when I said, Ok look at your mom…  So sweet!AbbeyKitchens-5 AbbeyKitchens-6 AbbeyKitchens-7 AbbeyKitchens-9 AbbeyKitchens-10 AbbeyKitchens-12 AbbeyKitchens-13 AbbeyKitchens-15 AbbeyKitchens-16 AbbeyKitchens-17 AbbeyKitchens-19

Josh, Laura & Roman

Roman is growing up!  The last time I saw this little guy he was turning ONE.  We did a family session and I also took photos at his birthday party.  Now he’s 18 months old and getting taller! He is certainly at that independent stage but sure does love his mama and daddy.  My favorite moment was when he did sign language for “more” to get more kisses from Josh and Laura.  So sweet!PetrinoFamilyMay15-1 PetrinoFamilyMay15-2 PetrinoFamilyMay15-4 PetrinoFamilyMay15-7 PetrinoFamilyMay15-9 PetrinoFamilyMay15-12 PetrinoFamilyMay15-13 PetrinoFamilyMay15-14 PetrinoFamilyMay15-15 PetrinoFamilyMay15-16

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Friday :)

IN-CAMERA Photo Workshop with Zach and Jody Gray

Some of you know that I headed to Nashville last weekend (Franklin, to be exact) to attend an IN-CAMERA Shooting & Light workshop taught by Zach and Jody Gray.  So, for two days I joined about 20 other photographers in Zach and Jody’s home to learn about geeky photog tricks! 

Here are some photos from Day 1.  We learned to use an expo disc to get correct exposure and white balance IN-CAMERA.  Then, you don’t have to correct those things later in post processing.  Translation: This will save me tons of time when I edit!  We carpooled over to “The Factory” in Franklin to practice shooting and worked with four models – Linsdsey, Steph, Elly and Micah.  It was so great to have Zach and Jody, along with some other folks, available so we could ask questions and practice.  I’m looking forward to using these techniques on photo sessions with my clients.ZachJodyWorkshop-1

ZachJodyWorkshop-2         ZachJodyWorkshop-13Poor Lindsey’s eyes were burning from the bright sun!ZachJodyWorkshop-12ZachJodyWorkshop-11 ZachJodyWorkshop-10 ZachJodyWorkshop-9 ZachJodyWorkshop-7 ZachJodyWorkshop-6 ZachJodyWorkshop-5 ZachJodyWorkshop-4 ZachJodyWorkshop-16




The topic on Day 2 was off camera lighting which I haven’t spent much time doing.  I usually use only natural light on my shoots.  Zach and Jody taught us how to use off camera lighting to create some more dramatic photos.  It was fun to play and see how changing a setting on your camera would affect the final result.  Here are some images from the day!
ZachJodyWorkshop-30 ZachJodyWorkshop-29 ZachJodyWorkshop-28 ZachJodyWorkshop-27 ZachJodyWorkshop-26 ZachJodyWorkshop-25 ZachJodyWorkshop-24



If you’ve made it to the end of this post thanks for visiting!  And thanks to Zach and Jody for inviting us into their home and teaching us their photo skills!

Heron Family

This kind of shoot requires an assistant!  My friend Mandy and I headed to West Ashley to photograph the Heron family.  I met Steve and Suzanne about 5 years ago when they were just two and as you can see they’ve grown quickly!  I love hanging out with this family.  Any amount of time with them and you’re guaranteed some laughing, hugging, crying, dancing, drama…. :)

HeronFamily-1HeronB&W2Here’s the real life shot of Avery being completely over this family shoot…. And then literally 1 minute later.HeronFamilyHeronB&W1HeronFamily-4HeronFamily-5 HeronFamily-6Keepin’ it real..HeronFamily-7HeronFamily-8 HeronFamily-18 HeronFamily-20