Tanner & Danielle

Before Tanner and Danielle moved I had the opportunity to take some photos at their home with their sweet girl.  She had me cracking up!  Such a happy, smiley (and beautiful!) little thing.  Just wait until you get to the end of the post to see the most impressive little jelly rolls… TannerDanielle-1 TannerDanielle-2 TannerDanielle-3 TannerDanielle-4 TannerDanielle-5 TannerDanielle-6 TannerDanielle-7 TannerDanielle-9 TannerDanielle-10 TannerDanielle-11 TannerDanielle-12 TannerDanielle-13 TannerDanielle-15


Charleston Churches

Below are some images from a project I’ve been working on!  I was asked to take photos of Charleston churches and was happy to spend a few days wandering around our Holy City snapping photos of church steeples, cemeteries (I know, that’s weird) and other details. Let me know what you think!

If you’re interested in purchasing a print email me at info@melissagriffinphotography.com

French Huguenot Church, Church Street CharlestonChurches-1

St Philips Episcopal Church, Church StreetCharlestonChurches-2

First Baptist Church, Meeting StreetCharlestonChurches-3

Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue, Hasell StreetCharlestonChurches-4

Circular Congregational Church on Meeting StreetCharlestonChurches-5

St Philips Episcopal Church from the Circular Congregational Church on Meeting StreetCharlestonChurches-6

St Michael’s Church, Broad StreetCharlestonChurches-7

Grace Episcopal Church, Wentworth StreetCharlestonChurches-8

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Broad Street

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Broad Street

First Scots Presbyterian Church, Meeting StreetCharlestonChurches-11

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Broad Street CharlestonChurches-12

St John’s Lutheran Church, Clifford Street CharlestonChurches-13

St John’s Lutheran Church, Clifford Street CharlestonChurches-14

St. Mary of the Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, Hasell Street  CharlestonChurches-15

St Michael’s Church, Broad Street CharlestonChurches-16

St Philips Episcopal Church, Church Street CharlestonChurches-17

Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Race Street

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Calhoun Street CharlestonChurches-19

Grace Episcopal Church, Wentworth StreetCharlestonChurches-20

St John’s Lutheran Church, Clifford Street CharlestonChurches-21

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Wentworth StreetCharlestonChurches-22

Second Presbyterian Church, Meeting StreetCharlestonChurches-23

Second Presbyterian Church, Meeting Street CharlestonChurches-24

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Broad Street

Unitarian Church, Archdale StreetCharlestonChurches-26

Circular Congregational Church on Meeting St CharlestonChurches-27

St John’s Lutheran Church, Clifford Street CharlestonChurches-28

Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Race Street CharlestonChurches-32-33

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Broad StreetCharlestonChurches-30

Unitarian Church, Archdale StreetCharlestonChurches-31

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Elliot’s Big Debut

I love the Berg family.  Whenever I’m with them we laugh a LOT.  I’ve been lucky enough to be their family photographer and take photos of them when they were expecting their first little guy, Oliver.  That was followed by a shoot one year later.   Then this summer we took some maternity/family photos before this sweet boy Elliot arrived!  I’m loving this guy’s hair :)
Elliot-2 Elliot-4 Elliot-5 Elliot-6 Elliot-7 Elliot-8 Elliot-9

Canvas Salon on King St

I had the opportunity to shoot new website portrait photos for the stylists at Canvas Salon.  These ladies were really into the shoot and helped find backgrounds for each other, moved furniture around, whatever I needed!   I’ve been going there for a couple of years now and the ladies are so welcoming.  Janie always cuts my hair and pampers me :)  Visit their full website and go get your hair did!  http://www.canvashair.com/stylists.asp

Thanks to Leah at Leah’s Opus Photography for assisting me that day! :)

CanvasSalon-47  CanvasSalon-31CanvasSalon-19 CanvasSalon-33 CanvasSalon-38 CanvasSalon-44


I love my military families!  I’m so grateful for the sacrifices they make for our country.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know Brad and Ansley as they asked me to shoot both their maternity and newborn photos.  They are now new parents to their handsome boy, Knox!  I learned that Knox’s favorite sleep sound on his dad’s iPhone is the “hairdryer.”  They had it ready to go when I arrived :)
WillisMaternity-1 WillisMaternity-2 WillisMaternity-3 WillisMaternity-4 WillisMaternity-6 WillisMaternity-8
Knox-1 Knox-2 Knox-3 Knox-4 Knox-5 Knox-6 Knox-7 Knox-8 Knox-9 Knox-10
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Thomas and Katie

Thomas and Katie are getting married in May!  The cistern at the College of Charleston campus is one of my favorites spots for taking photos, love the colors!  After shooting some images there we drove down to the battery because Katie really wanted a photo with the sunset in the background.  Thankfully, we got a good one that night!Thomas&Katie-1 Thomas&Katie-2 ComerEngagement-20Thomas&Katie-5 Thomas&Katie-7 Thomas&Katie-8 Thomas&Katie-9 Thomas&Katie-10

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A Day in the Life of Max

I love taking every day, real life photos of kiddos as they play and do their thing instead of posing them.  I get to hang out with Max a couple of times a week.  He’s a fun and busy 3 year old!  This boy LOVES his trains.  He has to have “Blue Dog” with him at all times who makes an appearance in some of these photos :)  We snapped these pictures  in December and surprised mom and dad with the photos for Christmas!  I’d say I’ve got a pretty cute subject to work with ;)
Max-1 Max-2 Max-3 Max-4 Max-5 Max-6 Max-7 Max-8 Max-9 Max-10 Max-11 Max-12