Lindsey & Holly

Love this best friend double senior shoot!  These ladies showed some commitment by driving from North Carolina to meet me in downtown Charleston for their shoot.  After our session was over two(ish) hours later they hopped in the car to head back!  What’s fun on shoots like this is seeing a transformation take place during our time together.  The girls showed up unsure and feeling a little awkward in front of the camera (let’s be honest, who doesn’t??) but by the end of the shoot they were laughing and coming up with poses and feeling more confident and comfortable.  I love that!

Aly & Clara #tbt

Here are some #tbt photos that I took in of Aly and Clara in November but haven’t posted until now because my fall was bonkers 🙂

Aly is one of my dear friends.  We met in 2007 when I first moved to Charleston.  Unfortunately she headed to Nashville 7 months later, but we stayed in touch.  She is a (super talented) wedding photographer and owns her own business, Wild Cotton Photography.  She really helped me and encouraged me as I started my own business.  Seriously, I ask her so many questions and probably get on her last nerve!  I’m so excited that she recently moved back to Charleston!  It’s fun to pick up where we left off and hang out with her and Clara… and I’m looking forward to photographing lots of weddings with her (I second shoot for her a lot!)


Squirrel!!  🙂
alyclara-2alyclara-3alyclara-4alyclara-5alyclara-6“C’mon, Mom!”alyclara-7alyclara-8alyclara-9alyclara-10alyclara-11alyclara-12alyclara-13alyclara-14alyclara-15alyclara-16alyclara-17alyclara-18

Happy Thursday!

Esoldo Family

Ben was shy for about 30 seconds then he quickly warmed up and was his busy little self!  You can see his sweet, silly little personality in these images 🙂esoldosm-1esoldosm-2esoldosm-3esoldosm-4esoldosm-5esoldosm-6esoldosm-7esoldosm-8esoldosm-9esoldosm-10esoldosm-11esoldosm-12esoldosm-13esoldosm-14Aaaaand Ben’s over it….esoldosm-15

Rachel & Jaden

My favorite dynamic duo!  Always a joy to spend a little time with Rachel and Jaden to take some fashion-y photos for Rachel’s social media.  Check her out!



Mini Session 2016 Highlights

‘Tis the season for Christmas card photos!  I had such a great day working with old clients and meeting new ones for my 2016 mini shoots this fall.  Here are some highlights from the sessions.  Enjoy!
Last photos of the day didn’t end on a high note 🙂