Skover Family

I worked very hard on this shoot to get Miss Avery to crack a smile, so serious.  But it did finally happen!  And you’ve gotta love those cheeks…
Skover-1 Skover-2Bribing the dog to climb up on the couch…Skover-3…it worked!Skover-4Nick owns Paisano’s Pizza Grill on James Island and West Ashley.  So now this photo will make more sense…Skover-5 Skover-7 Skover-8 Skover-9 Skover-10 Skover-16 Skover-17 Skover-18 Skover-19 Skover-20

Petrino Family

This month I had the opportunity to meet the Petrino family and celebrate Roman’s first birthday!  Roman was the most chill little guy until Josh and Laura got him laughing hysterically for the photos!  These put a big smile on my face while I was editing.  Hope you enjoy them too!
Petrino-1 Petrino-3 Petrino-4 Petrino-5 Petrino-7 Petrino-8 Petrino-9 Petrino-10 Petrino-11 Petrino-12 Petrino-13 Petrino-35

Johnson Family

It was the perfect fall evening in Hampton Park for a family shoot with the Johnson family.   I could steal those two boys from Adam and Margaret.  They were perfect angels during the shoot and made my job quite easy.  Evan, the little blond guy, even made me a thank you (on his own accord!) that evening.  Melts my heart!
JohnsonFamily-1 JohnsonFamily-2 JohnsonFamily-3 JohnsonFamily-4 JohnsonFamily-5 JohnsonFamily-7 JohnsonFamily-8
JohnsonFamily-9 JohnsonFamily-10 JohnsonFamily-12 JohnsonFamily-13 JohnsonFamily-14 JohnsonFamily-16 JohnsonFamily-17

Meredith & Monroe

These two are partners in crime!  Meredith won my fall Instagram promotion and received $100 off her family shoot.  We then got to spend an hour and a half chasing Monroe around Pitt Street Bridge :)  She’s quite the diva, but what a sweetheart!  One of my favorite parts of this job is making connections with clients who, under normal circumstances, I never would have met.

Had trouble choosing my favorites for this one…
Meredith&Monroe-1 Meredith&Monroe-2 Meredith&Monroe-4 Meredith&Monroe-5 Meredith&Monroe-6 Meredith&Monroe-7 Meredith&Monroe-8 Meredith&Monroe-9 Meredith&Monroe-11 Meredith&Monroe-12 Meredith&Monroe-15 Meredith&Monroe-16


Leah and I have worked together (both at our 9-5 and photo stuff) for a few years now and I was THRILLED to take photos of her little peanut, Liesel.  She’ll have to get used to being photographed because her mama is a super talented photographer!   LieselNewborn-1 LieselNewborn-2 LieselNewborn-3
Evie is looking much happier here than in the photo I posted on Instagram after the shoot!LieselNewborn-4 LieselNewborn-6 LieselNewborn-7
Head over heels…LieselNewborn-8 LieselNewborn-9 LieselNewborn-11 LieselNewborn-13 LieselNewborn-14

Shawn & Heather

I instantly loved this couple the moment I met them at Starbucks to discuss the details of their engagement shoot.  Shawn and Heather are so genuine and joyful and just fun to be with.  So glad a mutual friend got us together!  You can easily see how excited they are to get married… AND the beauty of our city, Charleston!
Shawn&Heather-1 Shawn&Heather-2 Shawn&Heather-3 Shawn&Heather-5 Shawn&Heather-6 Shawn&Heather-7 Shawn&Heather-8
Ummm.  This is the first on a shoot!Shawn&Heather-9 Shawn&Heather-10 Shawn&Heather-11
We stopped at the Blind Tiger to end the shoot, love the brick!Shawn&Heather-12 Shawn&Heather-13

Berg Family

The Bergs are expecting baby #2 in January!  Molly wanted to get some family photos while they’re still a family of three.  Oliver was moving a lot faster during this shoot than he was last time!  Loved Molly’s comment to me after she saw the photos:  “It always amazes me that you got THESE out of the crazy mess of our photo shoot!”
BergFamilyOct2014-1 BergFamilyOct2014-2 BergFamilyOct2014-4 BergFamilyOct2014-5 BergFamilyOct2014-6 BergFamilyOct2014-7 BergFamilyOct2014-8 BergFamilyOct2014-9
Here’s Curt’s attempt at a Pinterest pose.  I don’t think Molly’s feelin’ it.BergFamilyOct2014-10 BergFamilyOct2014-11
And here’s the moment Oliver is OVER the photo shootBergFamilyOct2014-12 BergFamilyOct2014-13